5 Things Every Virtual Assistant Should Do When Starting Out

5 Things Every Virtual Assistant Should Do When Starting Out

The last two weeks have been...interesting...to say the least. I started my new business as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager.

Do I have any clients yet? HA! And sadly...NO. But that’s not going to stop me. Every new business has to start somewhere and just like a brick and mortar business...I just need one customer...or client...to walk through the door (or email me :-)). Until that happens, I’m preparing myself.


There are five things I’ve learned that every Virtual Assistant should do when starting out.

  1. Claim your website URL.

    If you’ve decided on the name of your business, claim this as soon as possible. You want to make sure that a) no one else is using it, and b) even if you’re not ready to build your website, your URL will be safe until you do.

  2. Claim your Social Media.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn - claim them. You want to be able to market yourself on social media. Plus, one of the first things a potential client is going to ask you is where can they find you online. And if you’re not ready or can’t afford the expense of a paid website, you need social media to market your business AND a place for a potential client to go to find you.

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  3. Find a niche to target.

    I can admit this is where I’m struggling. How can I find a niche to work in when I don’t have my first client yet. Right now I’ll just be happy to get one client to work with. I have ideas and I’m going to diligently work in that direction. I’m narrowing down the niche I want to work in and finding groups to join. Wish me luck!

  4. Be real clear about the services you want to offer.

    When I first completed my website my services weren’t clear and there was “too much” of it. After I got a few people to look my website over, they encouraged me to narrow it down or group some of it together so a potential client wouldn’t have too much to read. You can have several service packages you offer, in which you can show a potential client when the time comes, but as much as possible on your website, narrow it down for easier reading.

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  5. Grow your email list.

    Seems kind of hard when you don’t have any clients and you’re probably struggling to come up with content. But one of the first things I was told to come up with was a “freebie” so you can grow your email list, which will hopefully lead to clients.  

And this leads me to “my freebie.” At least one I’ve come up with for now that was actually easy. My to-do list when I set up my business. Now...I’m sharing it with you. This VA To-Do List SAVED ME!!! Click below and find out the exact steps I took to start my VA business!

If you are a new VA I hope you find it helpful and I wish you luck on your new journey.


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Welcome to Skyrocket Virtual Solutions

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