7 Anchor Words Every Entrepreneur Should Live By

7 Anchor Words Every Entrepreneur Should Live By

What’s your “anchor” word or “power word” for the year? I’ve seen a lot of this in several #womenempowerment or #virtualassistant groups I’m in since becoming an entrepreneur. It’s weird to write that. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur. My father was an entrepreneur so I guess I got the bug from him. The excitement I feel about it is hard to explain. But I’m ecstatic about helping other #entrepreneurs and #smallbusinessowners with their businesses.

Power Word.

Most of the posts I’ve seen are about selecting a power word or anchor word that you use to motivate you to succeed as an entrepreneur the entire year. The first word that came to my mind when I began my VA business was “elevate.”  As an entrepreneur I wanted to elevate my business so it’ll be one of the go-to virtual assistant companies online. I want it to be successful. I want to work with amazing clients. If that means I only work with ONE client. I’ll be happy with that. If I work with TEN clients, of course I’ll be happy with that as well. But I what I really want is to provide EVERY client with the best service possible. So...my power word or anchor for the year is


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Six other power words I think ALL entrepreneurs should aspire to are:


Not just for you, but for your clients or customers as well. If your clients see growth and they can attribute that growth to something you helped them with - then they will continue to be a client or customer.


Every day. This is something I know I’ll have to do to grow my business. I can’t take days off. At least not right now. One day I know I’ll be able to, but starting out, I know I need to grind each day so my business will be a success.


Hustling for clients every day is a must. In whatever form that takes, I have to do it actively. Whether you are a online business owner who sales clothes or jewelry, a stylist looking for new hair boos, a consultant looking for your next speaking engagement or company - we all have to hustle.


One of my virtual assistant offerings is social media management. Some companies don’t realize the potential or customer growth they can achieve just by growing their social media presence. Not only must your client be on social media - you must be on social media as well. It’s a must. Especially if you do not have a website. At the minimal, you need a Facebook page so your client has somewhere to go to read about you and know you’re legitimate.


Dream big. Whatever your goals are for your business AND personal life, dream big. If you dream BIG then you will GRIND and HUSTLE to make those dreams come true.


Find a true balance between work and your personal life. You MUST or you’ll burn yourself out. Your business needs you - but more importantly your FAMILY needs you to be active and present in their lives. After all, you are doing this for them. You are growing a legacy for them to have and to be proud of when you’re gone.

I hope these power words/anchor words help you. Use these or find your own. Find a word that will continue to motivate you every day this year.


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