6 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help A Lawyer

6 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help A Lawyer

Are you a lawyer wondering how a Virtual Assistant can help you in your growing law practice?

Customer service, administrative tasks, social media management, and office management are just a few of the tasks that need to be dealt with on a daily basis in a busy law practice. But if you’re an attorney just starting out, a lawyer running your own office, or a lawyer in a small practice, you might be handling these day-to-day tasks without the help of a paralegal or an assistant.

By outsourcing these tasks rather than paying someone to sit in your office and earn an 8-hour  wage that includes benefits, sick leave, and vacation leave, you can make your office much more efficient. Some specific tasks a virtual assistants can handle include:

  • Answering phones

  • Setting up/confirming appointments

  • Sending out appointment reminders

  • Transcription

  • Overseeing your schedule

  • Email inbox management

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting

  • Website setup and maintenance

  • Social media management

  • Legal research

A virtual assistant can help you with specific tasks that can completed virtually. The tasks a virtual assistant can be specific or broad. A virtual assistant can do only your bookkeeping once a month or assume the role of a virtual part-time employee whose shoulder you don’t have to look over every day.


What can an attorney outsource to a

Virtual Assistant?


Bookkeeping is one of those things that are necessary but boring and time consuming. Since these tasks are systematic and repetitive, a VA can do them well. Many VAs have bookkeeping experience, so these tasks are not a huge challenge. A VA can invoice your clients, pay your bills, and renew your memberships.

Social Media Marketing

You don’t have time to Tweet, Like, and Follow people or respond to comments on social media. A lot of VAs have experience in social media marketing. In addition, a virtual assistant can promote you to a broader audience and manage your social media accounts.


One of the most-common things virtual assistants do for clients is help them with email management. Once you give them access to your email, they can sort and organize your inbox and prioritize your emails so you spend less time looking at your inbox. A virtual assistant can forward you the most important email, answer the common ones, and manage emails from perspective and current clients, including setting up appointments and answer basic questions about your practice.

Manage Your Calendar and Set Meetings

Virtual Assistants can set appointments with clients and manage your schedule. VAs can set up client meetings by looking at your schedule and adding appointments to your calendar. They can also remind you when you need to be in court. This will save you time from having to email back-and-forth with a client to find a suitable time to meet.


Do you take notes by hand? Record them with a small cassette player? Handwritten notes can be scanned and sent to your virtual assistant; recordings can be picked up. Then, your VA can type them up and save them in a client’s folder online.


What about your legal paperwork?

Do you file your legal paperwork online? Most court systems have moved the task of filing motions and briefs online. This is also a task a virtual assistant can do for you!

And there is so much more!

If you are a lawyer that needs help managing your busy law practice, think seriously about getting a Virtual Assistant like me to help you.

Need a list of all of the wonderful things a VA can help you with...download the Lawyer VA Task List today!

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