4 Things You Must Include In Your Pinterest Strategy

4 Things You Must Include In Your Pinterest Strategy

Deciding to use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy is a big step and a huge commitment. But don’t treat Pinterest like you treat your other social media accounts because Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine. 

However, just like your other social media accounts, you need to have a Pinterest strategy. And it must be individualized for YOUR business. What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Also remember that finding the right strategy, implementing it, and seeing the results, take time. Sometimes as long as 6 months to a year. But it is possible to increase the traffic to your website by being consistent on Pinterest. 

There are few must do strategy techniques you need to include in your strategy. 

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Optimize your Pinterest profile. 

Make sure your profile picture matches all the profile pictures on all of your social media. Update  your profile description with keywords that will let pinners know exactly what you do and who you are. You want your followers to recognize your brand across all of your social media AND Pinterest. 

Make sure Pinterest boards match your niche. 

Take a look at all of your boards and make sure they are relevant to your business. Get as specific to your niche as possible. If the board is not on topic with your niche, you don't have to delete it, just make it secret so you'll still have access. In addition, Make sure at least 1-2 of the boards you create correspond with the name of your business. 

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Create at least 3-4 Pinterest pin templates that you can use over and over. 

The images you choose and the pins you create are what draws the eye when pinners are scrolling down their Pinterest feed. The images you choose should be relevant to your niche and the pins you create should be designed with your brand in mind. Use your brand colors with every pin you create. Create at least 3-4 pins branded with your logo and/or brand colors so you can back to them over and over to create your pins AND so your followers and new pinners who find you know that when they see YOUR pins, they know when they click through to your website they will receive valuable information or will be purchasing a valuable product. Pin images should have a 2:3 ratio (600x900) and be easy to read. 

Use keywords when you pin on Pinterest, in your descriptions and your hashtags.

Keywords are extremely important on Pinterest. Keywords help you connect with your ideal client and/or ideal pinner when they are searching on Pinterest. Keywords are what they use to find you. Include keywords specific to your niche in your profile, profile description, description of your pin, with your images, and in your hashtags

There’s a lot more to creating a Pinterest strategy than these four tips but these four are definitely a must when you begin your strategy. Your pinning strategy itself may change, but these four tips will remain the same and are a must for your Pinterest pinning strategy. 



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