How To Create Clickable Pinterest Pins

How To Create Clickable Pinterest Pins

In today's blog post we're going to delve into the wonderful world of pin design.

In this blog post you will learn:

  1. The correct image size to pin

  2. How to create a viral pin

  3. How many pins to create for each product/blog post

  4. How to use fonts, color and graphic images to create viral pins

  5. Which design program I use to create pins

Let's talk Pinterest image sizes! ⠀

SVS Pin Templates(2).png

The ideal size for a vertical pin should be 600 x 900. Pinterest encourages pinners to use a 2:3 ratio for pin images.⠀

The following sizes are acceptable: ⠀

1000px X 1500px⠀

735px X 1102px⠀

600px X 900px⠀

Don't go smaller than 600px X 900px because you don't want the images to be distorted.⠀

Creating Viral Pin Images

When you create Pinterest images, there are several goals you want those images to achieve. 

They should STAND OUT in Pinterests’ Smart Feed

They should be LEGIBLE and EASY to understand. 

They should ATTRACT your target audience. 

They should ENTICE people to click through to your website. 

Are you wondering how to design a viral pin? Follow these 5 basic rules. 

  1. Use a strong sense of HIERARCHY to draw the readers eye to your content. 

  2. Use ample WHITE SPACE to promote a sense of order and space for the readers eyes to breath.

  3. Use CONTRASTING COLORS so your pin is easy to read.

  4. Use IMAGERY that relates to your content. 

  5. Use your BRAND colors on your pin to establish trust with your viewers and so they’ll become used to knowing what content belongs to you. 

How Many Pin Images Should You  Create

If you're new to Pinterest and not sure how many pins to's a quick tip. ⠀

SVS Pin Templates(3).png

When you create a new product or write a new blog post it's important to create multiple pin images to market your content. When you create your images, remember to create AT LEAST 2-3 pins per product or blog post because different pin images will appeal to different audiences and sometimes the text, background image, and colors you use on one pin may stand out more to your ideal client. ⠀

Creating multiple pin images is a great Pinterest marketing strategy. ⠀

How To Use Fonts, Colors and Graphics

When it comes to pin design there are several things to keep in mind: color, fonts and graphics. 

When it comes to color it is a good idea to stick to your brand colors when designing pins. If one of your brand colors is not bold or bright, consider adding one bold and bright color that will stand out on your pins. 

When you decide on a font to use don’t use a font that is hard to read. There are lots of pretty fonts so don’t go down that rabbit hole...pick one easily legible font and one “pretty” script font that will stand out on your pin to pair with your bold and bright color. Even when you pick a pretty script font -  be sure it’s easy to read as well.

Graphics are a very important part of your pin image. They make a big difference as to whether or not a reader’s eye becomes attracted to your pin and enticed to click through. Choose an attractive graphic image that is of high-quality, minimal background, and do not use human faces. A couple of good places to download free stock images is Pexels and Unsplash. Make sure somewhere on your pin you also include your url or your logo. At the top or bottom is an ideal location to place it.

Use Canva to Create Your Pin Images

If you’re new to creating pin images and you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee, Canva is a great program to use. They also have tons of Pinterest templates you can choose from. 

Need a couple of simple pin images to get you started?  Click below and download these 2 free pin samples you can start using today! 

I hope these tips helped. And if you really found these tips helpful, I’d appreciate it if you save and share these pin with others.

Go start pinning!



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