What Is Pinterest Management

What Is Pinterest Management

There’s a secret weapon that many creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners are not using.


Pinterest is the unicorn of social media. Why? Because it’s not a social media platform, it’s a search engine! All businesses, no matter how small or how niched, can benefit from having a presence on Pinterest.

But too many don’t know how to use Pinterest for their benefit. It’s not just pinning what you think is pretty and creating boards. With the right strategy, you can see results from Pinterest that will skyrocket your website traffic unlike any of your social media platforms.

If you’re tired of producing content that’s lost in the void of social media, it’s time to focus on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to grow your blog and increase your website traffic. If you don't have the time to learn another platform, and if your business includes (or wants to include) blogging, then it may be time to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant so you can spend more time in your zone of genius. With over 200 million monthly active users, Pinterest has positioned itself as not just another social media site, but a visual search engine that lets people find your content by clicking through to your website, increase your email subscribers, and provide more sales for your business.

You don't need random pretty pins thrown into a scheduler - you need an intentional Pinterest marketing service created by a Pinterest strategist who’s main focus is building your business with results from Pinterest.

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Who Should Be Using Pinterest?

  • Lifestyle bloggers (food, travel, personal development, organizing, home decor, DIY, crafts, business, finance, etc)

  • Creative online service providers (life or business coaches, home designers, brand strategists, graphic designers, photographers, etc)

  • E-commerce businesses that showcase their products in blog posts (easier to drive traffic)

  • Teachers Pay Teachers businesses with their own website and blog posts

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What Is Pinterest Management?

Pinterest management services are services that save business owners time in implementing their Pinterest strategy. Pinterest can be a very time consuming platform. This is great for consumers, but not for you.

The more time consumers spend looking at your Pinterest boards, the more likely they are to make a purchase from you. The more time you spend creating your Pinterest boards and pinning pins to Pinterest,  the less time you invest in business. That’s where a Pinterest manager comes in. 

Skyrocket Virtual Solutions Pinterest marketing services include unique content strategy and distribution to your Pinterest boards. It also includes daily monitoring of activity on your Pinterest boards from potential consumers. With 24/7 access to your analytics, (Pinterest, Tailwind and Google), your Pinterest strategist will track the performance of your Pinterest marketing campaign at all times.

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What Does A Pinterest Manager Do? 

Pinterest Strategy 

Create a strategy for your Pinterest account. The boards and the pins added to your Pinterest business account will be based on careful research about your ideal customer.

Pinterest Pin Creation 

Create pins with original content that matches your brand. If your business has eCommerce, together, we will communicate and decide which products you want to sell online and create buyable pins to entice your customer to make a purchase.

Pinterest Monitoring 

As your pins begin to publish we take a look at the results of each pin and analyze what types of content and copy are receiving the most repins and engagement. We pinpoint and respond to what pinners are most attracted to and refine it to perfection to generate optimal results for your business.

Pinterest Reporting 

Look at and analyze your analytics (Pinterest, Tailwind, and Google) and provide you with a report while making necessary recommendations to improve your Pinterest strategy. 

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The Goal of Pinterest Management Services

The goal of our Pinterest Management Service is to increase awareness for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Pinterest Impressions and Reach

  2. Increasing Pinterest Saves and Repins

  3. Increasing Pinterest Followers

  4. Increasing Website Referrals from Pinterest (clicks to your website)

  5. Influence Sales from Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing Packages

Ready to get started with Pinterest? Let’s talk!  

Note: You will need a Pinterest account, at least 5 blog posts (or products)  on your website, and a paid subscription to Tailwind before we begin. You can get a free month of Tailwind with my link here

Note: I am not affiliated with or partnered with Pinterest in any way. Results not typical and not guaranteed.

What is Pinterest Marketing

What is Pinterest Marketing

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