Pinterest Management Services

Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media network. If you want people to find you on Pinterest when they are shopping for your products or services you must get on top of the Pinterest search engine. What that means is applying the correct SEO (search engine optimization tactics and practices) so you get found first ahead of and above any competitor. 

The key to Pinterest SEO is knowing which keywords will help you appear at the top of the Pinterest search feed. Unfortunately, most small business owners and entrepreneur don’t know what keywords to use. We do! Our Pinterest strategy is to find the best keywords to use for your business

Launch your Pinterest business account today and start getting more traffic and sales from Pinterest!

The Benefits of Pinterest Management: Outsourcing Your Account

  1. Avoid wasting time trying figuring out what works on Pinterest.

  2. No trial and error = avoid wasting money.

  3. Eliminate the headache of a new person keeping up with all the latest tactics.

  4. You don’t have to hire an employee or train existing staff members: should they ever leave all your Pinterest “know how” goes too.

  5. Get better results and grow your business faster with a Pinterest expert.

Skyrocket Virtual Solutions is available to execute a Pinterest strategy that will skyrocket your web traffic above the rest!

Why Pinterest?

Did you know there are 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest?

93% of those Pinners use the platform to plan out their future purchases

87% of people on Pinterest have purchased a product because they saw it on Pinterest

Your pins “live” longer on Pinterest than on any other platform.

The average lifespan of a Tweet is just minutes.

A Facebook post is in newsfeeds for just a few hours.

An Instagram post - 24 hours.

But what about a pin? MONTHS (yep, even years!)

Why You Should Hire A Pinterest Manager

You want to grow your email list!

You want to boost sales and conversions!

You have no idea where to start.

You don’t have time to spend on Pinterest.

You’re tired of keeping up with all the changes.

You want someone to come up with a guaranteed strategy that will grow your business!