Why You Can't Afford To Ignore Pinterest

Are you a business owner struggling to decide if creating a Pinterest business account is right for your business? aPinterest boasts 250 million users and is a search engine third only to Google and YouTube. You can not afford to ignore Pinterest as a viable option to promote your business or blog. Read this blog post and find out why.

How To Use Canva For Your Online Business

Are you starting your online business and need a way to create beautiful graphics without breaking the bank? Canva is a great tool to use to create beautiful graphics. And it’s free!!! Need a logo? Social media graphics? Help with branding? Portfolio? Canva has a template for EVERYTHING!!! Check out this blog post and find out how the savvy entrepreneur or small business owner can use Canva to help scale their business.

6 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help A Lawyer

Customer service, clerical work, social media management, and general admin duties are all tasks that are handled by a lawyer’s office staff. But many attorneys often find themselves saddled with these tasks if they are new to practice or have a small practice. Find out 6+ tasks a lawyer can outsource to a Virtual Assistant!